January 23, 2022

Tesla v11 UI still Face Backlash; Elon Musk Criticizes Fanmade Version Saying Car Should Do it Right – Tech Times

Tesla’s v11 UI is still facing many backlashes from electric vehicle owners for the many issues they find from it, especially with the accessibility features. However, when a fanmade version debuted online, CEO Elon Musk’s reaction seemed like he disapproved of it, saying that the “car should do it right” as it functions with its AI.

Tesla v11 UI Still Faces Backlash, Fanmade Version Debuts


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The Tesla v11 UI is still facing backlash from users, and they want a new version immediately for their use and access to the infotainment system.

Some users complain that the infotainment system became harder to access, with some settings available only when accessing its specific menu. Users prefer these to be accessible via the home screen with one tap for easier control.

A fan debuted a self-made user interface that mimics the Tesla v11 but improves it to a point where it focuses more on accessibility and customization of the infotainment system. Here, users can optimize the quick access controls and control their home screen.

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Elon Musk: Tesla v11 UI Fanmade, Not Good Enough?

However, it seems that Tesla CEO Elon Musk disapproves of the fanmade version, with his comment regarding the topic seeing a lot of flaws with it. One of the things that Musk pointed out is that “all input is error” and that the “car should do it right.”


Here, the CEO criticizes the fanmade v11 and suggests a different one. However, users are left with no options now as the UI remains unchanged, matching their preferences.

Tesla’s Software and UI Features

The incident for v11 is not the first time that Tesla has faced a rash of complaints from its users, especially as it was an occurring one from users throughout the holiday season. Towards the end of December, a user said that the v11 UI automatically plays music from Slacker despite Spotify being his choice of streaming, which the system default configures.

Tesla Premium Connectivity

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Another one of Tesla’s software that constantly upgrades is the Full Self-Driving, which is still under the beta mode of testing. However, unlike the UI, the FSD Beta version 10 faces a good review from owners, with some saying that it is already a good version for release. Musk and Tesla are still aiming to release Beta version 11 in the coming months.

The backlash Tesla faces is due to its change in the latest UI, which was not that much of an issue in v10. The difference in this new release remains unknown for its next release and improvements, and the CEO or company did not say anything about its next release.

Although Musk initially said that improvements are coming, he did not reveal what these would be for users to see.

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