January 17, 2022

Stetson Bennett all nighter: Championship QB says ‘bet on yourself’ during woozy GMA appearance – Saturday Down South

Keith Farner | 2 hours ago

Stetson Bennett appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America only hours after Georgia won the national championship over Alabama in Indianapolis, and it appeared he didn’t get much sleep.

“A few hours, not many,” Bennett said to Michael Strahan when asked if he’d had a chance to get any sleep.

Robin Roberts then asked Bennett what he learned during his inspiring career at Georgia, from walk-on to national championship quarterback.

“I’ve always had a pretty constant view about myself,” Bennett said. “I think I learned that life’s hard. You gotta work for what you want, you gotta bet on yourself, just like all you guys, just like Michael and everybody here, everybody who’s ever been successful, you gotta bet on yourself. Other people might put a change on the odds but that never really matters. You gotta work hard, love the people who’s around you. They gotta love you and bet on yourself.”