January 23, 2022

NFL Power Rankings: 49ers surge past Cowboys, Rams heading into Super Wild Card Weekend – NFL.com

Previous rank: No. 3

The Bucs’ title defense moves on to the playoffs on Sunday, but Bruce Arians started his week by stumping for his quarterback for league MVP honors. “I think if he doesn’t get it, it’s a travesty,” Arians said. “Most completions ever, 5,000 yards, touchdowns — the whole nine yards. To me, it’s not even a close race.” Brady has delivered another bonkers statistical season at 44 years old — if he wins his fourth MVP, it will be well earned. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, is set up very well this weekend with an ideal matchup against Philadelphia at home. The Bucs’ injury issues, not to mention the Antonio Brown melodrama, are well-documented, but Brady gives them legitimacy in any conversation of Super Bowl favorites.