December 5, 2021

Rae’s Cafe reopens as private club after being closed by Jackson County Health Department – KCTV Kansas City

BLUE SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) — In defiance of a mask mandate and revoking of permits, Rae’s Cafe reopened Saturday morning as a “private club” that is only open to friends and family.

A day after a local restaurant owner went on TV to explain why she was going against Jackson County’s mask mandate in places of public accommodation, the county’s environmental health department ordered the business to shut down.

The cafe, shut down on Friday by the Jackson County Health Department for not following the county health order requiring masks inside businesses, has seen a steady stream of patrons going in and out all morning. 

A sign on the door of the business states that Rae’s is now a private club and that you must prove your identity to enter. Another calls Jackson County a “tyrannical government.” No masks are allowed inside. 

Also on the front of the business are signs from the health department showing the business has been shut down. It’s unclear the process the business went through to be reclassified and reopen under a private club classification.

Calls to Rae’s and its owner have not been answered. 

The Jackson County Health Department has not responded to KCTV5’s request for comment.