November 29, 2021

Westminster couple recovering after being shot by a neighbor

Police called an incident Saturday in Westminster a dispute between neighbors. We are learning there’s more to the story.

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Life on Hobbit Lane is forever changed after what police called a dispute between neighbors on Saturday.

“Scary as all get out – terrifying. Just to think that our worst nightmare is coming true almost,” said one neighbor, Greg Koenig.

Saturday, Koenig and his wife Colleen were getting some work done around the house before things got out of hand.

“My wife started working on the flower bed right around the corner right here,” Koenig said.

That’s when Koenig says the neighbor across the street exchanged some unpleasant his wife Colleen causing her to go inside.

“I closed the garage door and just kind of said hey we aren’t going to go down that road today,” Koenig said.

Moments later, he and his wife were ducking from shots inside their own home.

“One, two, three, four – I think it went top to bottom just shooting in,” Koenig shows the bullet holes in his garage.

He figured it was the neighbor, but he didn’t know the targets were Gary and Susan Reese who live next door.

“Apparently, they were backing out of their driveway to go up and see one of their daughters – their oldest daughter – she just began her first year at CSU. As they get in their car with their twin 14-year-old daughters, they hear gunshots ring out. Gary and Susan are injured severely,” said family friend Don Brown.

Although he was hurt, the father drove the family to safety at the King Soopers down the street as his two daughters sat in the backseat.

Meanwhile, his wife Susan texted Brown to tell him she was shot in the face and Gary was shot in his back.

“It’s a senseless shooting. Why would anybody do this to this anybody let alone our friends? And they are such amazing people,” Brown said.

Susan teaches hearing and speech impairment in Adams County Schools. Gary is a teacher at Federal Heights Elementary. Those who know them best say they’ve touched many lives.

“We call him ‘Superman’ – ’cause he can literally have Superman tattooed on his chest; he’s that special,” Brown said.

The couple is now home recovering after spending nearly a week in the hospital.

“Now, they begin the long road to recovery on the emotional journey that is going to follow that,” Brown said.

Westminster Police told 9NEWS they responded to a parking complaint filed by the shooter in January of 2020. But they say they never responded to any violent incidents involving this man until last Saturday.

Saturday, police called the a dispute between neighbors on Hobbit Lane. But the Reeses never interacted with the neighbor who took his own life after targeting theirs.

Brown has set up a GoFundMe to assist the family with food, medical costs, and more.

“Our thoughts are with this family. They have been nothing but a model family. The nicest people,” Koenig said.

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