November 29, 2021

Brian Gutekunst: The conversations I’ve had with Aaron Rodgers have been excellent – NBC Sports

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It’s no secret that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had several issues with General Manager Brian Gutekunst before reporting to training camp.

Back in early August, Rodgers said himself that his relationship with Gutekunst was “a work in progress.”

Green Bay’s trade for receiver Randall Cobb may have begun the process of smoothing things over for Rodgers’ desire to have a larger voice in personnel matters. Now after the team reduced its roster to 53 this week, Gutekunst said in his Wednesday press conference that he and Rodgers have had productive talks over the last month.

“I’ve had really good conversations throughout camp with Aaron and Matt [LaFleur], and I think the communication has been really, really good,” Gutekunst said. “As we went into this kind of decision-making period, I think everybody — all the people that are kind of involved in that — were very aware of what was going on and why we were doing what we were doing. So I feel really good about that. And the conversations that I’ve had with Aaron have been excellent.”

Given all that’s transpired since the Packers lost the NFC Championship Game to the Buccaneers in January, good communication now likely won’t solve all the issues between Rodgers and Green Bay’s front office. But heading into what Rodgers has described as a “championship or disappointment” season, Gutekunst, LaFleur, and Rodgers all being on the same page can’t hurt.